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                MakeoversRegardless of whether you need a full manicure and makeover pre-rental/sale or maybe something completely new from scratch you've come to the right place.

A Top End Garden can be either a tropical sanctuary or a whole heap of work depending on how it is designed. Zen style gardens with pebble/stone mulch work may look great in cool Southern climes but will cook your plants and become a nest of weeds in monsoon country.

Top End Gardens understand the intricacies of creating gardens North of the Tropic of Capricorn that are not only low maintenance but are also climatically appropriate. Genuine local plant, soil and weather knowledge comes from years of practical experience that will ensure your new landscape works both for you and its tropical setting.

Services include:
Complete Landscaping for New and Existing Gardens, Quick and Budget Makeovers, New Plant Selection, Garden Beds, Veggie Patches, Dry Walls and Rock Features, Turf Application, Irrigation/Reticulation Installation, Servicing and Repair.

Free advice on ways to improve your existing landscape and reduce future maintenance requirements.

Free quotes for all other kinds of gardening and landscaping work are available upon request.

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